China calls on all countries to protect normal order of trade and adhere to multilateralism and international rules, a spokesperson of China's foreign ministry said Fri in response to US decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from EU, Canada and Mexico.

Map. History of Trade Wars conflict

22 September 2018
Putin and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the Kremlin  signed a declaration on strategic partnership3 month ago
Putin and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the Kremlin signed a declaration on strategic partnership
Readout just issued by @WhiteHouse of yesterday's @POTUS @EmmanuelMacron phone call
3 month ago
Ottawa will work with Canadian aluminum, steel companies to ensure jobs safe: PM
U.S. President Donald Trump says Canada must "open their markets and take down their trade barriers" and that the country has treated American agricultural business and farmers "very poorly"
"Economic nationalism leads to war. This is exactly what happened in the 1930s," said @EmmanuelMacron of the tariffs.
3 month ago
The joint work of the Russian Federation and OPEC has brought good results for the oil market - Putin
3 month ago
[email protected]: Canada has treated our Agricultural business and Farmers very poorly for a very long period of time. Highly restrictive on Trade. They must open their markets and take down their trade barriers. They report a really high surplus on trade with us. Do Timber and Lumber in U.S.?
EU Trade Commissioner scoffs at US justification of "security" for steel tariffs. "We are not the cause of this." @MalmstromEU says, saying dumping is a problem that affects Europe as well as the US
The EU is leveling charges against China at the WTO, along with the dispute vs the US. @MalmstromEU says this shows the EU isn't "taking sides" in international trade resolution
EU Trade Commissioner @MalmstromEU says it would be "very worrying" if @realDonaldTrump also follows through on threat to target European car imports to the US
EU Trade Commissioner @MalmstromEU says it's premature to say which US products will face retaliatory tariffs from Brussels - her team is looking at the lists now
"The US is playing a dangerous game" says EU Trade Commissioner @MalmstromEU re steel tariffs. "We are in a difficult situation caused by the United States" that she says risks the economic recovery of the entire world.
EU to take action against U.S., China at WTO, Juncker tells German media
EU sends legal challenge to WTO against US, China
The EU: We do not see the possibility of continuing negotiations with the US on free trade
3 month ago
Justin Trudeau takes the gloves off after a year of trying to be nice to Donald Trump
3 month ago
"To consider Canada a national security risk to the U.S. is ridiculous and absurd": Canada defense minister said, calls Trump's tariff action "insulting"
German automobile manufacturer Porsche to stop selling new cars in Europe. - FAZ
3 month ago
President @UKenyatta: This war must be fought and won by all of us.Almost all the agencies investigating corruption are new MadarakaDay ^CM
3 month ago
President @UKenyatta: I have resolved to get rid of corruption and division. Corruption in all its forms will be eliminated MadarakaDay ^CM
EU 'not at war with anyone' on trade, Mogherini says
King Abdullah II of Jordan ordered the government to suspend its decision to raise the price of fuel
"The EU is not at war with anyonethis is out of the question," says EU HR @FedericaMog. "The EU is a peace project and that includes on trade." But she says the EU must defend itself vs steel tariffs so Brussels is moving forward today with its own "proportionate" tariffs
EU High Representative @FedericaMog says both Europe and China are committed to a "cooperative rules-based global order in many different fields", to WTO being the center of that system and to preserving IranDeal but her opening remarks don't mention steeltariffs specifically
China calls on all countries to protect normal order of trade and adhere to multilateralism and international rules, a spokesperson of China's foreign ministry said Fri in response to US decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from EU, Canada and Mexico.
3 month ago
German Economy Minister @PeterAltmaier says, the EU will give a strong and united answer to US tariffs - "possibly working more closely with Mexico and Canada."
3 month ago
Trudeau declines to meet Trump because of US precondition
3 month ago
Canada will impose retaliatory tariffs on US steel, aluminum and other products, which takes effect on July 1, Canadian PM @JustinTrudeau posted on his account at Chinese social media Weibo on Friday after US imposed tarriffs on steel, aluminum imports from EU, Canada and Mexico
The Trump admin's trade policies could threaten as many as 2,600,000 jobs, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
Trump administration officials are making plans to order grid operators to buy electricity from struggling coal and nuclear plants in an effort to extend their life, a move that would represent an unprecedented intervention into U.S. energy markets.
3 month ago
Armenian government's decision to scrap 2017 agreement with Tashir Capital, which is owned by influential Russian businessman of Armenian origin, Samvel Karapetian, on 25-year management of High-Voltage Electric Networks reduces Russian economic influence.
3 month ago
Justin Trudeau: "Let me be clear: These tariffs are totally unacceptable. For 150 years, Canada has been America's most steadfast ally."
French President Emmanuel Macron says US tariffs decision is "illegal"
3 month ago
Canada hits US with Can$16.6 billion in retaliatory tariffs in steel row
3 month ago
Freeland calls retaliatory action against US strongest taken by Canada in post WWII era. Calls it proportional and 'perfectly reciprocal' to US actions. Terms it 'strong Canadian reaction in response to a very bad US decision.'
3 month ago
In call with Mexican President Peña Nieto, Canadian PM Trudeau joins Mexico and EU in announcing that Canada will "establish proportional reciprocal measures" in response to new US tariffs announced Thursday by the Trump admin.
3 month ago
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls U.S. tariffs an "affront," will retaliate with tariffs on steel, aluminum, and other products from the U.S.
3 month ago
Mexico announces retaliatory tariffs after US slaps duties on steel, aluminum
3 month ago
EU chief says US tariffs on aluminum are "protectionism, pure and simple."
3 month ago
Shares of Canadian steel producer Stelco Holdings hit four-week low, down 2 percent after U.S. imposes metals tariffs on EU, Canada and Mexico
3 month ago
A Government spokesman says the UK is "deeply disappointed" by the U.S. decision to impose steel and aluminium tariffs and the UK "should be permanently and fully exempted"
Egypt's rejection of Russian wheat over ergot creates latest supply snag About 250,000 tonnes of wheat have been stopped from entering Egypt silos in recent weeks; 1 cargo today for ergot and 3 more held amid a dispute with Dubai-based firm AOS.
Mexico answers US tariffs with its own on products including pork bellies, grapes, apples and flat steel.
EU chief Juncker says US tariffs decision leaves the bloc with "no choice" but to impose counter-measures.
Ross was asked about a media report President Trump said he wants dramatic cutbacks in German cars in the US. Ross said: "I was not a party to any such conversation so I am not in a position to confirm it."
President of @EU_Commission @JunckerEU handed note about Trump's steel and aluminium tariffs mid-speech.
The tariffs on steel and aluminum for EU, Canada and Mexico to go into effect at midnight tonight.
France says the European Union will take "all necessary measures" to respond as the US imposes "unjustified and dangerous" tariffs on metals
EU's Juncker: this is a bad for world trade, to implement immediate counter-balancing measures in the coming hours
No precise date when NAFTA talks will occur, according to @SecretaryRoss
Talks with EU made progress but not enought to give continued exemptions on tariffs, according to @SecretaryRoss
Argentina, Australia and Brazil to have non-tariff constraints on their steel and aluminum exports to US, announces @SecretaryRoss
@SecretaryRoss tells reporters he plans to travel to China tomorrow
Trump administration says US to impose tariffs on steel, aluminum imports from Europe, Canada and Mexico
3 month ago
Canadian exports of steel and aluminum to the United States will face tariffs starting tomorrow (experts say this is a $4B+ hit to Canada economy)
US hits EU, Canada and Mexico with steel, aluminum tariffs, would go into effect from midnight
An announcement to be made by @SecretaryRoss at 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT) on Section 232 tariff modifications.
China's free trade talks with Sri Lanka hit major hurdles
3 month ago
No signs of de-escalation in trade dispute with U.S.: Germany's Scholz
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