Berlin condemns Trump's punitive tariffs as 'protectionism'

Map. History of Trade Wars conflict

26 September 2018
China says it will `counterattack with great strength' if Trump acts on new tariff threat, says negotiations impossible
Trump says 'we've already lost the trade war'
China says will fight back 'at any cost' against U.S. trade tariffs
Trump Organization says it has donated $151,470 in profits from foreign government patrons to the US Treasury.
6 month ago
2 trapped at BelarusKaliy mine collapse
Major agreement has been finalized to connect the electricity grids of Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece with Europe through a 1,707km sub-sea power cable. This massive project will turn Egypt into a electricity hub.6 month ago
Major agreement has been finalized to connect the electricity grids of Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece with Europe through a 1,707km sub-sea power cable. This massive project will turn Egypt into a electricity hub.
Figueroa Mountain was heavily impacted by tree mortality. Crews are working to reduce fuels and return Fig to a healthy state. Remember the road to Fig is closed for public safety and we'll reopen just as soon as the project is completed.
6 month ago
Words not war - while US President @realDonaldTrump risks triggering a trade war with new import duties, Angela Merkel says Germany is concerned but backs the EU in seeking dialogue. But "we in Europe can of course also react"
EC VP @jyrkikatainen criticizes @realDonaldTrump's steel tariffs move, saying "we all have to choose" whether we want to live in a rules-based world or a world where the strongest takes control
EC VP @jyrkikatainen says don't expect trade concessions from Brussels on SteelTariffs dispute. "This is not a trade negotiation," he says. "These are unilateral actions" that violate WTO rules
EC VP @jyrkikatainen says @realDonaldTrump's steel tariffs speech sounded "protectionist economy without competition." He says neither US "justification" is fair: Europe is US' closest ally and "our companies have not dumped steel in the US market."
EU continues euphemistic approach to @realDonaldTrump's steel tariffs, with ECVP @jyrkikatainen repeating @MalmstromEU's approach that it's not yet "crystal clear" how Europe will be affected/exempted. "We are preparedif need be," he says, to add tariffs, take US to WTO
[email protected]_Commission proposes 1 billion € in new Macro-Financial Assistance for Ukraine
6 month ago
Berlin condemns Trump's punitive tariffs as 'protectionism'
"Within 90 days we have to be ready" to launch EU counter-measures under WTO rules on safeguarding, explains @MalmstromEU at Brussels forum
"We didn't ask for this." @MalmstromEU tells Brussels forum. "We're asking the Americans to work with us" and if they don't, that will be "highly unfortunate."
EU says talks 'the prime option' in US tariffs row
"You can't stop globalization," says @MalmstromEU, criticizing the impulse to protect domestic industry with things like steel tariffs. She suggests education, retraining instead to be prepared for "jobs we can't even imagine today."
"We are counting on being excluded" from SteelTariffs, says @MalmstromEU at Brussels forum, as it's not quite clear what @realDonaldTrump meant in his announcement. If not, she says, EU will go to WTO and introduce "rebalancing" measures, ie the peanut-butter tax
6 month ago
U.S. approach to tariffs wrong, absurd if Britain affected - UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox
The first power unit of Leningrad NPP-2 began to generate electricity
Japan to ask U.S. to exempt it from steel and aluminum tariffs - government spokesman
Trump to sign tariff proclamations on steel, aluminum at 3:30p ET - White House
11 nations sign Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal without the United States
6 month ago
Turkey continues to show the classic signs of an overheating economy, Goldman Sachs says
Trump singles out Germany for criticism but suggests Australia, others may be exempted from tariffs
Trump suggests he'll impose massive steel and aluminum tariffs today
US tariffs will show 'great flexibility' to 'real friends': Trump
6 month ago
Provoker of sedition and corruption, US gov. asks, Why do you have a presence in the region? Well, do we have to ask for your permission to be in our region? We should talk with regional govts on that, why'd we talk with you? If we ever want presence in U.S. then we'll come talk to you.
China warns of 'necessary response' in event of trade war with U.S.
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