Map. History of Trade Wars conflict

23 September 2018
China says it will `counterattack with great strength' if Trump acts on new tariff threat, says negotiations impossible
Trump says 'we've already lost the trade war'
China says will fight back 'at any cost' against U.S. trade tariffs
EU proposes new tax targeting tech giants: commissioner
EU approves buyout of Monsanto by German chemical firm Bayer: official
EU should defend its interests but avoid escalation in tariff row with U.S. said BusinessEurope director Markus Breyer. "Take them to the WTO" and threaten to apply safeguards
6 month ago
OFK Bank, 25 percent of which is owned by Putin's former classmate Nikolai Yegorov, goes into temporary administration.
Kaspersky is moving its servers which process data from U.S. and European users to Switzerland in response to spying allegations. Company docs say doing so will put data outside the jurisdiction of Russian security services
6 month ago
Kudrin says there is a window of only two years for reforms before the next election campaign starts, pleads for transparency and predictability from the government
SpaceX in early talks to build a manufacturing facility in the Port of LA
6 month ago
Qatar is ready to supply liquefied gas to Ukraine - Poroshenko
Hope we will not have to react to US steel tariffs Merkel says after meeting Irish PM ahead of EU summit. Working on compromise: EU trade commissioner @MalmstromEU and German trade Minister @Altmaier in Washington along with German and other G20 finance ministers6 month ago
"Hope we will not have to react" to US steel tariffs Merkel says after meeting Irish PM ahead of EU summit. Working on "compromise": EU trade commissioner @MalmstromEU and German trade Minister @Altmaier in Washington along with German and other G20 finance ministers
6 month ago
After meeting with US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, German Economy Minister @PeterAltmaier said both sides had the "impression" it was possible to find a "solution" this week to avoid a serious trade conflict between the US and the EU. "It's not certain, but I see a chance."
6 month ago
Maldives to lift state of emergency, charge ex-president, chief justice with bribery
China's premier pledges further market opening as talk of trade war mounts
Case of Libyan financing: the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy has been in GAV since this morning on the premises of the Office anticorruption. (Mediapart)
G20 pushes for free trade as U.S. vows to defend national interest
San Francisco may become the first major city in the U.S. to ban the sale of fur in stores and online.
Dow Jones Industrial Average closes down 335 points (1.35%); shares of Facebook down 6.77%
PM Netanyahu will be investigated for obstructing justice in (massive) Case 3000, the Bezeq affair. Scoop from @danawt.
Joint statement by Germany's Economy Minister Altmaier and US Secretary of Commerce Ross on their talks about the planned tariffs on steel and aluminum imports
US President Donald Trump signs an Executive Order prohibiting American entities from making transactions with Petro, the cryptocurrency created by the Venezuelan government.
Donald Trump Signs Order Prohibiting Transactions with Venezuelan Cryptocurrencies
Recent Sentinel2 satellite imagery shows 7km long oil spill at Russian controlled Thayyem oil referiny, south of DeirazZor, Syria. Site was facing early oil contamination when IS retreated
Bolivia takes sea access dispute with Chile to world court
6 month ago
South Korea FinMin Kim asked Mnuchin for exemption on steel tariffs
6 month ago
Trump Organization real estate partner in India accused of "large-scale fraud"
The European Union imposes sanctions on 4 personals of Syrian government due to chemical atacks
6 month ago
Seasonally adjusted industrial output in Russia swings to decline in February following two months of growth - ROSSTAT
Large retailers urge Trump against China tariffs
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