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23 September 2018

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5 month ago
China-Russia trade is likely to exceed 100 billion USD this year, after an increase of nearly 30 percent in the first quarter, spokesman with the Ministry of Commerce said Thursday
5 month ago
"Together we can take on some of the 21st century's biggest questions" - @theresa_may urging CHOGM2018 leaders to tackle climatechange and plastics
5 month ago
Russia demands compensation at World Trade Organization for U.S. steel and aluminium tariffs, following similar move by China, India and EU - WTO filing
5 month ago
Koreas ex-president Lee's corruption trial to begin May 3
Trump, Japan's Abe agree to intensify trade talks
5 month ago
China and the US have not yet held any bilateral talks over the US Section 301 investigation and the proposed US tariff list on Chinese goods, China's Ministry of Commerce said Thursday
Black out in Puerto Rico. The entire island is without power. There is "ZERO power generation at this point", according to a 2nd @AEEONLINE spokesman A fault was detected on the line 50700 which starts in Aguirre Central It may take 24 to 36 hours to restore
Kentucky sues Johnson and Johnson, accuses company of devising deceptive opioid marketing scheme $JNJ
A senior US official, Assistant Secretary Wess Mitchell, says: - US was not privy to Turkish-Russian military arrangements, calls it "gravely concerning" - Ankara claims to have a S-400 deal with Russia, "which could lead CAATSA sanctions against Turkey, impact F-35 program
US considers sanction Chinese officials over detention of Xinjiang Muslims
Ukraine test-fires advanced version of SKIF anti-tank guided missile5 month ago
Ukraine test-fires advanced version of SKIF anti-tank guided missile
Belgian companies exported 96 tons of isopropanol to Syria between 2014 and 2016, in defiance of EU sanctions
5 month ago
Koreas president Moon urges anti-corruption efforts in private sector
[email protected]_EU Commissioner @MalmstromEU: All EU trade agreements (such as with Japan and Singapore) enforced will include the UK, but after Brexit the UK will leave these agreements and it will be up to them to negotiate new deals
[email protected]: DG Trade cannot start work on future UK-EU trade relationship until after UK has left and EU Council has given a mandate
[email protected]: DG Trade has not been talking to third parties about the future of UK's trade agreements with them post-Brexit, as it is not a task for the EU, but for the UK
China has contingency plans to deal with U.S. trade frictions: state planner
"Trade coalition of the willingreally aimed at China," says @larry_kudlow. "They really have to play by the rulesor there will be consequences."
"Our disagreements with China, stand alonewe don't need TPP to do any of that stuff," adds @larry_kudlow
"Our trade disputes with China stand alone from TPP," reiterates @larry_kudlow
"That's not good," replies @larry_kudlow to question about China ordering importers of US sorghum to pay deposits for possible higher tariffs in an anti-dumping investigation.
"It will be under discussion. It's a key point on the agenda," says @larry_kudlow of possible exemption for Japan from steel tariffs
[email protected] speaking at @AssembleeNat: By signing CETA Canada and the EU chose a progressive approach towards trade that creates jobs, protects the environment it's a partnership that goes beyond any other trade agreement
5 month ago
China seeks trade firewall with U.S. allies in rush of ambassador meetings - sources
IMF chief economist Obstfeld says there is still time for multilateral negotiations to avoid TradeWar
5 month ago
IMF keeps global growth forecast at 3.9% for 2018-2019, boosted by US and EU, but sees risks beyond
Mnuchin says Trump tweet was shot to Russia, China on currency devaluation
5 month ago
EU on Monday requested consultations with the United States at the WTO over Washington's policy of imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum, WTO sources said Tuesday
5 month ago
RBK says Kremlin is preparing for a possibility that Americans can take the most severe scenario with new sanctions against Russia. Possible actions in the case of foreign measures against the debt obligations and disconnecting Russia from SWIFT.
China announces anti-dumping measures on U.S. sorghum
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