Map. History of Trade Wars conflict

24 Мај 2018

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3 сат Пре
KCNA: "If he is vice-president of 'single superpower' as is in name, it will be proper for him to know even a little bit about the current state of global affairs and to sense to a certain degree the trends in dialogue and the climate of detente."
8 сат Пре
Khamenei: European banks must guarantee business transactions with the Islamic Republic. We do not have any disputes with these three countries; however, we do not trust them either because of their past actions.
8 сат Пре
Iran demands Europe to protect its oil sales from U.S pressure
Following the Central Bank announcement, a rapid fall in dollar index against Turkish lira.   around 4.60s, fell from 4.80s11 сат Пре
Following the Central Bank announcement, a rapid fall in dollar index against Turkish lira. around 4.60s, fell from 4.80s
11 сат Пре
Turkish Central Bank convenes an extraordinary Monetary Policy Meeting following Turkish Lira's severe depreciation against USD
13 сат Пре
#Russia says it will not abide by US sanctions against Venezuela
19 сат Пре
Collapse of the lira getting painful to watch. 5.68 to the euro, 4.85 to the dollar. Meanwhile: Turkish northern Cyprus reportedly discussing whether to abandon the lira for another currency
Lira falls freaking 5%. Trades 4.9253 per $19 сат Пре
Lira falls freaking 5%. Trades 4.9253 per $
21 сат Пре
Under a new plan, South Korea will not issue any more licenses for coal power plants, while existing plants will be required to cut CO2 by 40%
22 сат Пре
Ex-President Lee attends corruption trial
U.S. lawmakers say they will try to block possible ZTE deal with China
There's been no deal with China on ZTE, adds @POTUS responding to reporter's question
Five Iranians sanctioned by @USTreasury for providing ballistic missile help to Houthi forces in Yemen.
Lira depreciates to new low of 4.6519 per $1 дан Пре
Lira depreciates to new low of 4.6519 per $
1 дан Пре
Japan and Russia notify the World Trade Organization of potential tariff retaliation for president Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminium - WTO filings
Trump wants more from EU to lift tariffs: EU trade chief
1 дан Пре
The EU has officially launched free trade talks with Australia and New Zealand, part of the bloc's drive to promote free trade deals against the increasingly protectionist stance of the US
Ex-Malaysian PM Najib requested 1MDB questioning to continue Thursday. "He is said to be tired and worn out from today's interrogation and had asked for one extra day to rest," revealed the source
Malaysia's embattled Najib questioned by anti-corruption agency
1 дан Пре
Russia's Duma just passed a law on counter-sanctions against the US and other "unfriendly countries".
1 дан Пре
The US will send a high-level delegation to China to work out the details on back of the important consensus reached during the trade talks in Washington, China's foreign ministry said
1 дан Пре
Washington and Beijing nearing deal that would lift U.S. sales ban against China's ZTE - sources
1 дан Пре
U.S.-China deal could include China's pledge to remove tariffs on U.S. agricultural products and import more U.S. agricultural products - sources
US and China agree on broad outline to resolve ZTE issue, which would include removing the US sales ban to keep it in business - Dow Jones
2 дан Пре
Turning up the heat on Trump: Dems say "culture of corruption" to be focus of midterms
2 дан Пре
Trade war fears ebb as U.S., China agree to continue talks
US "will take swift economic and diplomatic actions to support the restoration of their democracy," says @SecPompeo in statement.
In a threatening message to Europe, Pompeo says US will hold those doing prohibited business in Iran to account
Pompeo: US to put 'unprecedented financial pressure' on Iran
State regulators unveil nationwide crackdown on suspicious cryptocurrency investment schemes
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