Map. History of Trade Wars conflict

29 Май 2020
Erdogan: Turkey will not accept any pressure in the field of defence, as in the political, diplomatic and economic sphere
1 год назад
Erdogan: F-35 production project will fail without Turkey
1 год назад
Пожар на электротрансформаторе 3-го энергоблока Ровенской АЭС, энергоблок отключен
President Trump and several members of his family sued Deutsche Bank and Capital One seeking to prevent them from responding to congressional subpoenas.
Israeli AG Mandelblit: PM Netanyahu's election will not impact decision about whether he is indicted for bribery
Pompeo: We will continue the discussion with China on trade issues
Pompeo: We will impose costly sanctions on countries that continue to buy oil from Iran
Pompeo: We will ensure the stability of the oil market after the sanctions on Iran
1 год назад
Iranian Deputy Oil minister: Washington's sanctions against Iran's oil industry evidence of American bullying to change power balance
1 год назад
Belarus is still not receiving non-contaminated crude from Russia, - Belneftekhim
Israeli media reports: Netanyahu and Finance Minister Kahlon discuss emergency plans should the PA's financial system collapse, Israeli authorities fears financial woes could "destabilise the West Bank".
1 год назад
Libyan sources: An armed group tried to attack the Al Sharara oil field in Libya and no impact on production
1 год назад
Iran, Russia to Hold Joint Drills near Hormuz Strait: Navy Commander
1 год назад
Commander of Quds Force in the Revolutionary Guard General Qassim Soleimani: Iran refuses to negotiate with American enemies under economic pressure
1 год назад
Iran's FM says US end of oil sanctions waivers may backfire, anger its allies
1 год назад
"National Oil Corporation (NOC) strongly condemns the militarization of Libyan national energy infrastructure" as LNA forces seize control of RasLanuf air strip and facilities.
1 год назад
Erdogan: There are significant differences in views with the United States on the issue of the S-400 system
В деревне Хоссин на севере Дайр-Эз-Заур проходит демонстрация против высоких цен на нефть и экспорта для правительства Асада1 год назад
В деревне Хоссин на севере Дайр-Эз-Заур проходит демонстрация против высоких цен на нефть и экспорта для правительства Асада
1 год назад
Russia says contaminated oil may be mixed with clean oil to resolve the issue
U.S sanctions the MFA of Venezuela, appointed by Maduro, Jorge Arreaza and Judge Carol Padilla
Director Wray: No country poses a broader, more severe intelligence collection threat than China. China has pioneered a societal approach to stealing innovation in any way it can, from a wide array of businesses, universities, and organizations.
1 год назад
Turkish foreign Affairs: We see that the United States resorts to the language of the threat and has to realize that it will not be able to reach a results through the dictates
Putin made a speech at One Belt road summit1 год назад
Putin made a speech at One Belt road summit
В Сирию приехал конвой из более 50 бензовозов, пересек переход Аль-Кайм на ирако-сирийской границе и направился в город Абу-Камаль на востоке Дайр-Эз-Заур
Venezuelan PDVSA activates electricity generator to recover oil production after blackouts
1 год назад
Нафтогаз: транзит российской нефти в Украине остановлен в четверг из-за возможного загрязнения. Словакия и Венгрия не приняли сырье. Операторы "Дружбы" завтра проведут экстренные переговоры в Минске
1 год назад
Defense Department's inspector general has cleared Acting SecDef Patrick Shanahan of alleged ethical violations. "We did not substantiate any of the allegations" that Shanahan took actions to promote his former employer, Boeing, IG concludes.
Israel to take part in Dubai Expo 2020
Elliott Abrams: The desire of Venezuelans will be fulfilled and the government will vanish. Abrams advances a new round of economic sanctions against Venezuela.
1 год назад
Key Polish refiners @PKN_ORLEN and @GrupaLOTOS say refinery operations have not been affected so far by Russian crudeoil supply halt
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