Map. History of Trade Wars conflict

22 Octobre 2019
6 mois il y a
[email protected] after meeting w @USTreasury counter terrorism official: no new sanctions will target Lebanese public officials.
Lebanese President Michel Aoun: We will not join any forum or mechanism of cooperation involving Israel, especially the East Mediterranean Gas Forum.
The US Treasury is imposing sanctions on Lebanese company for its money-laundering activities for Hezbollah and drug traffickers.
6 mois il y a
Kremlin denied that trade restrictions that Russia imposed on Belarus are sanctions
Closure of the Russian market for Belarus equals sanctions, Lukashenka said. According to him, Moscow is beginning to twist our arms6 mois il y a
Closure of the Russian market for Belarus equals sanctions, Lukashenka said. According to him, Moscow is beginning to "twist our arms"
6 mois il y a
Minsk will close oil pipelines for repair, despite the transit of oil from the Russian Federation - Lukashenko
Raúl Castro: Cuba must prepare itself to face an economic crisis and a shortage derived from the crisis in Venezuela. At the same time, he clarified that a situation as critical as that experienced in the 1990s would not be reached.
Le gouvernement syrien et FDS ont poursuivi leur commerce de pétrole cette semaine. SDF a autorisé les pétroliers du gouvernement à entrer dans les champs pétrolifères d'Al-Umar dans le cadre d'un accord
National connectivity in Venezuela is currently at 55% after partial recovery led by Caracas; data indicates difficulty maintaining power supply with several states still offline after 14 hours
Un rationnement d'essence frappe les chauffeurs de taxi de Damas
Court ordered arrest of former President Kuczynski for Odebrecht case
Venezuela's oil production plummeted to 730,000 barrels per day, according to the latest OPEC report
Water released from Kharkheh Dam in Khozestan province   reaches oil facilities in the Hoor al-Azim wetlands, causing damage6 mois il y a
Water released from Kharkheh Dam in Khozestan province reaches oil facilities in the Hoor al-Azim wetlands, causing damage
6 mois il y a
Russia will ban the import of apples and pears from Belarus
New nationwide power outage detected across #Venezuela; network data shows drop in national connectivity to just 10% setting back a week of recovery; incident ongoing
6 mois il y a
Turkish foreign minister says if Turkey does not receive F-35 jets, it will have to meet its needs from elsewhere
The International Monetary Fund estimates that this year hyperinflation in Venezuela will reach 10,000,000%
Maduro's officials takes another eight tons of gold from @BCV_ORG_VE: MP, confirmed by source
6 mois il y a
Blackout reported in many areas of Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, SW Iran. The districts of: Amaniyeh, Kianpars, Kian-Abad, Kuy Enghelab, Khorramshahr Intersection, Eyn Do, Lashkar, Ameri and Kianshahr have no electricity as a local power station in west Ahvaz is flooded.
U.S. senior administration official has warned Egypt against buying a Russian Su-35 multi-role air-defense fighters jet. The US official also pointed out that Egypt may be subject to CAATSA sanctions if the Su-35 is delivered to the EAF
Venezuelan National Assembly to also widen @PDVSA boards's attributions so it represents the company overseas and negotiate foreign debt -Commission
FM @Christodulides to Beirut tomorrow. Trilateral ministerial mtg Cyprus, Lebanon @Gebran_Bassil, Greece @gkatr. Regional cooperation in various fields necessary for peace and prosperity EastMed security energy business education tourism Pic of 3 FMs from another occasion
Anzoátegui: a coke fire in the José Antonio Anzoátegui complex where citizens are being affected by toxic smoke.
6 mois il y a
In Russia, net capital outflow in Q1 2019 was $25.2 bn or 60% more than in Q1 2018 ($16.2 bn)
Le Premier ministre syrien a déclaré que l'Egypte avait empêché les pétroliers se rendant en Syrie de passer par Suez au cours des six derniers mois
IMF cuts 2019 global outlook to the lowest since the financial crisis
A former Romanian MEP is to stand trial after the country's anti-graft prosecutors indicted him for falsely claiming expenses for travel to the legislature in Brussels and Strasbourg worth some €50,000.
Trump's admin is proposing tariffs on $11 billion in imports from the European Union in response to harm the U.S. says is being caused by the bloc's subsidies to Airbus, a rival of Boeing
Bipartisan group of senators tells Turkey it must choose between the Russian-made S-400 and the F-35 jet
6 mois il y a
European Union does not rule out more individual sanctions against those responsible for the violence in Venezuela. Spain criticizes the "too slow" pace of the Contact Group on Venezuela.
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